About Jay.

Jay Shetty
Motivational & Lifestyle vlogger & Former Monk.

12 million + views

In just 5 days.

10k People

Found their purpose through ancient wisdom.

10+ countries

Jay has spoken in.

Jay Shetty is a Motivational & Lifestyle vlogger and former monk from London.

Jay's video "Changing the world begins with us" featured by The Huffington post received 10 million + views in just 5 days of launch. His video "Why our definition of failure is all wrong" received 1.5 + million views.

In the last 10 years Jay has helped more than 10,000 people find their purpose through ancient wisdom. Jay has developed workshops and delivered keynotes to empower people to apply mindfulness techniques in their lives successfully.

He combines experiences from his time at business school with living as a monk in India and working as a digital strategist at a global consulting firm to share practical, accessible and relevant techniques. Jay won 3rd in the Guardian Rising Star Award in 2015 and was nominated for the Asian Professional Awards and Forbes 30 Under 30.

He has appeared on BBC Radio London, BBC Asia Network, Channel 4 and Shortlist Magazine.


'Jay brings together the millennial, the meditation and media'


Mandy Pang, Shortlist

Confident, engaging facilitator and was able to speak about the issues in a relevant, informed way that was approachable for the audience. He was able to strike up good discussion within the group, making the evening thought provoking as well as an inspiring and a great sharing experience.

Rebecca Cameron, Women's Initiative Network

‍Jay’s energy and humor was able to take the traditional ‘heavy subject’ of self-reflection to an engaging level of fun, which has led to an empowerment of members actively applying the learnings. As WIN’s president, I find this to be the ideal outcome for our program.

Anand Datani, Deutsche Bank

‍A remarkable character with profound knowledge far beyond anyone I have met his age. Not only is he able to provide insights into both modern and ancient teachings for life enhancement but it is delivered with practical solutions which I know I, and others, have gained from implementing.

Thomas Power, CSC Leading Edge

‍Jay is the smartest young man under 30 I know in London watch out for him as he's really going places. What's also interesting about Jay is that he's not just a tech geek & super social he also gets the karma, meditation, earth piece.

Victoria Anderson, Nasdaq

An inspiring speaker skilled at reaching global audiences, making connections with people, and artfully guiding them through self-awareness exercises to reach a higher purpose. He has the right balance of experience, empirical evidence and anecdotes to convey his messages. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and all who attended left with food for thought on how they can link their passions and skills with greater purpose.