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Vitalija Mar’s Road to Health

One of the most amazing things about Jay Shetty’ Genius Coaching Program is the amazing stories of the changed lives that have come out of it. This article is part of the “Genius Transformations,” a new feature series that tells Genius Coaching members’ stories and highlights the impact the program has had on their lives. This Transformation Story is from Vitalija Mar of Lithuania.

A Wish Come True

As 2017 turned over into 2018, Vitalija Mar made one wish. She wished to find a mentor and a community she could grow with.

“I’d never had a mentor or clear direction in my life,” said Mar. “I had made some bad choices and gotten to the place where I didn’t want to stay so miserable anymore. I was looking for answers and knowledge. I knew this couldn’t be all there is.”

Mar had always been interested in self-development. She read books and attended lectures, but she still struggled to find a clear direction and create a focused plan for her life.

“I didn’t even have clear goals or go after them,” she said. “I didn’t believe I could or that I had the potential. I heard stories of great things that were happening to everyone else, but I didn’t believe that could be me.”

Then someone shared one of Jay Shetty’s videos with her. She started following Shetty on social media, and when he launched the Live Your Purpose course, she joined. It blew her mind.

“I felt so inspired,” she said. “It was like finding that something I had been looking for. When I took Live Your Purpose, I realized maybe there was something I could do as a way to give back.”

She knew she wouldn’t do it alone, however. She couldn’t keep up the momentum without help, and she knew she needed people around her who could help. She’d never had a mentor, and when Jay Shetty introduced the Genius Coaching Community in January 2018, she knew her New Year’s wish had come true. She joined Genius right away.

Finding Her Community

Instantly, Vitalija Mar knew she’d found her community.

“The community has been so inspiring and so supportive and I have made some friends in the community,” said Mar. “They’re some of the sweetest people.” Mar had the chance to meet up with another Genius member in the country of Georgia. To her, it was the best meeting she had the whole year.

“When you find people who think in a similar way who have similar goals and experiences, you share it,” she said, “Finding that is really precious.”

Goal Setting for Health

Part of Vitalija Mar’s earlier struggles with making goals and creating focus in her life stemmed from her health struggles. Shortly after joining Genius, Mar was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Doctors didn’t see much help for her condition and told her she’d need to have her thyroid removed and be on medication for the rest of her life. Mar wasn’t willing to accept that diagnosis.

“I knew my health was in the way,” said Mar. “It needed to be my first priority.”

Because of the trainings in Genius, Mar realized maybe there WAS something she could do about her health. She started researching different alternative treatments and created a plan to apply those treatments to her life using Shetty’s goal-setting strategies.

“I found a doctor who could help me with diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes,” said Mar. “I’ve been able to set and achieve health goals for the first time in my life. I set a goal and made a plan, and Jay provided all the practical ways to achieve it.”

With the help of Genius, Mar stuck to the new plan, and her health improved dramatically.

“My health has gotten so much better even though the doctor had said it would only get worse,” she said. “This year my test results were NORMAL!! I have no symptoms, high energy, and I’ve learned to manage stress.”

Power and Potential

Vitalija Mar had found a way to work with her my body, proving to herself that a person is more than a diagnosis. She realized she had the potential to take control, communicate with her body, and help herself improve her health.

“I’m not stopping here,” said Mar. “I have new goals and am working towards them. It’s an amazing place to be. I’m inspired by the goals I have. It’s beyond what I ever thought I’d dream of!”

Mar has learned that as her mindset grows, her goals grow. Being mentored by Jay Shetty has given her the skills and strategies to create plans and goals with actionable, practical steps.

“This is an amazing place to be inspired and see how people get their goals and dream big,” Mar said. “I plan on sticking around as long as I can in the community.”

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