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Finding New Purpose In Her 50s With Genius

One of the most amazing things about Jay Shetty’ Genius Coaching Program is the amazing stories of the changed lives that have come out of it. This article is part of the “Genius Transformations,” a new feature series that tells Genius Coaching members’ stories and highlights the impact the program has had on their lives. This Transformation story is from Dipti Singha of India. The first Transformation story is from Michelle Sitzlar of Tampa, Florida.

Michelle Sitzlar knew she had so much more to give. When she took a deep look at herself, she had to admit she was focusing on all the wrong things.

“The first 50 years of my life, I worked for all the outside achievements and accolades,” Sitzlar said. “Even though I always did personal development and read all the books, I felt empty inside. I wasn’t living my passion.”

With a busy full-time career, volunteer work, and world travel, she never took the time to slow down long enough to figure out what her passion was and how to start living it. Then one day she saw one of Jay Shetty’s videos.

“Jay caught my eye because he was young but teaching old, simple, and pure teaching that applied to anyone,” she said.

Shetty’s positive, uplifting videos were a breath of fresh air she didn’t know she’d needed. She realized he had something she’d been lacking, something she’d misplaced somewhere along the way.

“He was always looking for a solution,” she said. “I had lost that.”

Her Journey to Genius

Sitzlar followed Jay Shetty on social media for two years before seeing a post about the Genius program on his Facebook page. Although she laughs about it today, initially, she resisted the idea of joining.

“I said to myself, ‘What is this kid going to teach me?’” she recalled. “‘What could he possibly have that would make me feel so different? Why would I want to give him $39 a month?’”

She joined anyway, reasoning that she spent that much each month on coffee and fast food — and surely this was much more beneficial. After the first lesson, she knew she’d made the right choice. That was one year ago.

“The first session I listened to was ‘Be, Do, Have’, and I was hooked,” she admitted with a chuckle. “Now I encourage my whole family to start listening too.”

Finding Genius Helped Her Find Purpose

When Michelle Sitzlar joined Genius, she knew exactly why she was joining.

“I wasn’t ready to start slowing down or planning for retirement,” she said. “I needed a way to find my purpose after age 50.”

Sitzlar knew she and her husband would never be happy sitting back and focusing on themselves. Jay Shetty’s focus on and heart for service touched her deeply.

“Jay and his wife are there to serve, and that’s what I want to do,” she said. “I love that, and I want to be part of it. Even when I do retire, I still want to be of service to people. I still want to be helping other people.”

In Genius, Sitzlar found the encouraging community and inspiration she had been looking for.

The Power of Live Connection With Genius

Sitzlar felt immediately at home in Genius. Despite her packed schedule, she’s the local Genius Meetup facilitator in her area in Florida.

“It was a huge undertaking for me to take on that commitment, but it’s important,” she said firmly. “There are people from all over who come to Florida. I felt we needed it here.”

Sitzlar is also very dedicated to making Genius sessions when they’re live.

“If I miss a live session, I get a little bit bummed out,” she admitted. “There’s something about the live sessions.” This level of commitment was previously unusual for her, Sitzlar says she gains strength from the live coaching sessions.

“I attended a live session the day after I buried my sister,” she recalled. “As crazy as it sounds, it really helped being on the live sessions with others who have the energy and inner strength to push through.”

Life Lessons Learned

Michelle Sitzlar credits Jay Shetty with helping her overcome multitasking.

“Jay taught me to do one thing at a time and to not complain, compare, or criticize,” she said. “It has changed my complete environment right down to who I hang out with.”

Joining Genius also helped reignite her passion for personal development in other areas of life as well.

“I’d been doing the Robin Sharma 20–20–20 system, but when I started with Genius, I had started getting lazy with it,” she said. “Now I don’t miss any days, and we travel a lot. No matter where I am, I don’t care if I’m in a camper in the woods or a 5-star hotel, I get up, I pray, I meditate, and I work out.

Genius has also taught Sitzlar to:

  • Pause before making big decisions
  • Leave defensiveness and argumentative attitudes behind
  • Lift others up
  • Standing up for herself and not let what others think affect her

Giving Back From What She’s Been Given

One thing Sitzlar is very passionate about is service and giving back. She knows if she keeps implementing what Jay teaches each week, even her mistakes and failures can become blessings.

“The one thing I’m an expert at is making a lot of mistakes in my life,” she admitted. “I know if I keep practicing and working on the things Jay lays out for us each month, it will become the most beautiful gift anyone can share with another person. I know that deep inside.”

She dreams of one day taking Shetty’s teachings and finding a way to share them with local people who live near their home in the Bahamas. She also mentors younger women, helping them believe in, invest in, and take care of themselves.

Sitzlar is so grateful for the experiences, skills, and connections Genius Coaching has brought her. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow together with the rest of the Genius community.

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