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About This Episode

You may think you know Russell Brand - the actor, the comedian, ect... but that’s only a small part of who he truly is. Prepare yourself, today’s conversation gets intimate. Russell opens up about his struggles with addiction, his experience chasing fame, money, sex, and why that’s not something people should aspire to. He shares what has enlightened and led him to a life of sobriety for over 14 years now and the role mentors and spirituality has played in getting him there. He even shares some surprising wisdom from a mutual friend of Puff Daddy, comparing the challenges of life to levels in a video game.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Fame is ordinary—we all know what it’s like to have people gossiping about us
  • It is impossible to control how other people think about you
  • Temptations are seductive for a reason—they are beautiful
  • Reframe mentorship as accessing external consciousness
  • Latent energies inside you will be realized if you have external coordinates to follow
  • Comedy is revelation about what’s previously been distilled
  • The trauma of being alive always provides lessons to learn from
  • Accept the possibility of happiness, address the problem you want to change, and then accept the way to change it
  • If you mask the sincerity of your intentions, then you’re less likely to achieve them
  • Drugs temporarily distract you from pain, making the pain even worse

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