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About This Episode

You may know Rob as a former pro skateboarder and the host of MTV’s Ridiculousness, but this conversation is going to show you inside his mind. He’s an incredible strategist, such a planner, someone who is so meticulous - something you don’t see in his persona in his shows. You’re going to see a completely different side of the one and only Rob Dyrdek.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Pig Out Chips
  • Rob's principles for investing in businesses
  • Seeing business as philosophy
  • Optimizing for self-belief
  • Leveraging your unfair advantage
  • Being in tune with energy and getting to a place of lightness
  • Looking at your parts of your life in a negative or positive way and optimize for positive
  • Defending happy
  • Designing your life for happiness
  • Why he would never do ridiculousness today
  • The cornerstones of transition
  • Finding clarity in your life
  • Having a deep commitment to mastering life
  • Living through cycles
  • Building towards constant flow state
  • Deeping your connection with the universe
  • Family: with Rob Dyrdek
  • Being overwhelmed with happiness
  • Living with intention
  • The Final 5
  • Progression is the key to happiness

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