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About This Episode

We all have friends that we love but are absolutely draining to talk to. Every time they call you, you know exactly what you’re in for. No matter how hard we try to optimize for the optimistic, negative people will always be a part of each of our lives and that’s okay. In this episode, we take a look at the 4 different types of negative people and 3 ways to proactively deal with them.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Negative attitudes can affect intelligence and your ability to think
  • Being around negative people your brain will incentivize you to be more like them
  • What a vertical black line on a plain white card has to do with your friends
  • Group think/Confirmation bias
  • The 4 types of negative people
  • 1 - The Venter - always complaining and never looking for a solution
  • 2 - The Victim - never takes responsibility, thinks the world is against them
  • 3 - The Vicious type - someone envious and manipulative, wants to take others down
  • 4 - Violent - abusive physically or with their words
  • The 4 V's of negative people
  • 3 fears most negative people come across
  • 1 - The fear of  being disrespected by others
  • 2 - The fear of not being loved by others
  • 3 - The fear of bad things are always going to happen
  • The more aware we are of what triggers these fears the more we can respect those triggers
  • Thick skin vs thin skin
  • What you can do about negative people
  • Have a 1:3 ratio, 1 negative for every 3 positive people
  • The rule of 1
  • You can listen without putting any energy in

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