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About This Episode

Relationships should add to our lives.  But often times, we find ourselves inside toxic partnerships, where expectations and values don’t align. Fighting becomes the norm, and we can’t see our way out.  On the other side, a successful relationship—where communication and honesty are at the forefront—can bring peace to our lives.  On today’s episode of On Purpose, Jay is joined by his wife—Radhi Shetty—to discuss health, happiness, and the components of a successful relationship. Radhi is a plant-based dietitian, recipe developer, and ayurvedic medicine enthusiast.  Tune in to hear Radhi’s insights about how we can bring our best self to our partnerships!

The Cliff Notes:

  • Seek out situations with people when they’re allowed to be themselves

  • Self-awareness is the first step to knowing what type of partner you want

  • Relationships aren’t about compromise—rather, they’re about communication and respecting that communication

  • There are 5 love languages: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch

  • Choose quality time over quantity time

  • Perceive ups and downs as just part of the journey   

  • It’s not about the action that hurts, it’s about how the action makes the person feel

  • Eat your biggest meal in the afternoon—when the sun is highest, our digestion is strongest

  • Instead of drinking cold beverages, drink hot/lukewarm fluids to help digestion

  • Sustain the habit of exercise by prioritizing the healthy feeling over weight loss

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