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About This Episode

If you want to feel motivated and encouraged to be a little more self-disciplined, you will love this weeks episode with Payal Kadakia. She is the founder and chairman of ClassPass as well as the artistic director for the Sadance company. In this conversation, she shares how she achieved her entrepreneurial success at such a young age with her incredible work ethic and unparalleled self discipline.

The Cliff Notes:

  • What is what like growing up as an Indian girl in the United States
  • Parents putting value on education
  • Learning self-discipline at a young age
  • Unique tips on goal setting
  • How to find mentors
  • Respecting those who teach through your own actions
  • Starting her company
  • Her intention of being an entrepreneur
  • How dance has defined her
  • How historical culture is still relevant
  • Try new things in the different phases of your life!
  • Making what's important to you a priority
  • Everything starts with putting in the work
  • The Final 5

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