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About This Episode

Is it possible to run successful businesses and have a fantastic marriage? In this video, Jay Shetty and Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of Impact Theory, Quest Nutrition, and Women of Impact, discuss the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and life.  Years of hard work and sacrifice not only strengthened her marriage, but helped her hone in on what really mattered. Hear how she discovered her true identity and passions walking side-by-side with husband Tom Bilyeu. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 Want to have YOUR best year yet? Join me for my Free Online Workshop: 5 Intentions for a Purpose-Filled Year  A Word From Our Sponsors: Go to you will get FREE FIVE PIECE Cleaning Set from Mrs. Meyer and Grove - a THIRTY DOLLAR value! Go to try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription.

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