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About This Episode

Being a YouTube creator can be difficult for anyone, but Lilly Singh really is superwoman. Despite the success, things haven’t always been easy for Lilly. She opens up about everything: how it feels when being called a role model, her relationships both personal and professional, even her struggles with depression and defining what success looks like in her life. Today’s conversation is a deep dive into what drives her to keep creating at such a prolific level and why she’s determined to keep using her influence for positive social change.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Her most meaningful achievement
  • Doing what makes you nervous because if it doesn't, what's the point?
  • What her parents said when she told them she wanted to make YouTube videos
  • The reason why she started making YouTube videos
  • Being grateful before saying no to opportunities you would've died for in the beginning
  • Becoming a role model and leveraging influence for positive social change
  • What her grandpa had to say about her success as an Indian woman
  • Why she was determined to not let marriage be her main achievement in life
  • Being real in a world of clickbait
  • Personal lessons learned from taking a break
  • Lessons learned from Girl Love
  • Daily, weekly, monthly life hacks
  • Develop relationships where you can say what you mean without being mean
  • How she's continuing to develop meaningful relationships
  • Protecting your energy when in the public eye
  • Taking more risks in 2019 and the risky moves she's making
  • Her biggest personal and professional failures
  • Defining your own version of success
  • Lilly's production company and the films she's working on
  • The final 5

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