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About This Episode

On this episode of On Purpose, I sat down with Lala Anthony. Lala is a TV personality, New York Times best-selling author, businesswoman, producer and actress. We dove into her incredible work ethic that led to her immense success in the media. She also shares what she does to get in touch with herself, unplug and gain clarity when she needs it most. We also discussed love and relationships and how to manage your expectations in a world where people are only posting their highlights online. A Word From Our Sponsors: Bespoke Post: To receive 20% off your first subscription box, go to and enter code JAY at checkout. Raycon: Go to to get 15-percent off your order! Quartz: Visit and use promo code ONPURPOSE for 25% off your first year membership! Embark: Go to and use Promo code ONPURPOSE to save 15% off your Dog DNA Test Kit.

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