When I'm Not Making Videos,I'm Most Likely Speaking.

His innovative approach engages audiences of any size with interactive exercises he likes to call “experiential learning.” Jay believes people need to go through experiences to retain and apply knowledge so his sessions are created with the audience at the center.

"Aside from being an excellent communicator, all of the advice, stories and tips Jay shared were spot on and super related to what the event was about. Everyone loved the session and Jay helped us end the event on a very high note."-Google

"I organised for Jay to come in & train the marketing team at HSBC's global headquarters. Jay left such a strong mark of positivity & motivation amongst the team, that we got him back in for a follow up session. Jay has a special energy that draws people towards him, and a talent at taking people on a journey of digital learning, understanding & realisation. Every time I meet Jay I learn something new & I walk away feeling ready to take on the next big challenge. Jay is not just the 'urban monk', he's an inspirer, an innovator, a digital activist."-HSBC

"Jay delivered an inspiring talk as part of the 'Digital Edge Programme' we've been running at SABMiller. His style and charisma really added to the event, with attendees leaving feeling inspired and pumped up about a world of possibilities. Jay is also a lovely guy to work with - humble, laid back and modest. Highly recommended."-SAB Miller

"An inspiring speaker skilled at reaching global audiences, making connections with people, and artfully guiding them through self-awareness exercises to reach a higher purpose. He has the right balance of experience, empirical evidence and anecdotes to convey his messages. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and all who attended left with food for thought on how they can link their passions and skills with greater purpose."-Nasdaq

I've partnered with well-known brands to create corporate training packages through video around topics of mindfulness, health and storytelling. These short “How To” videos allow employees to learn fast and effectively. I have also worked on mini show concepts for organizations to embed Netflix like platforms for training to revolutionize learning in the workplace.

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Failure: The Most Defining Moments

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Resilience: The Art Of Growing When You Want To Give Up

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Press Pause: Wellbeing For The Always On

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Purpose: Finding It, Living It and Giving It

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Trust: The Most Important Word In The Workplace

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Inside The Mind Of Innovators

Jay’s keynote topics include:

Do What You Love Or Love What You Do

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