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About This Episode

Justin McLeod created the dating app, Hinge. The developer shares his intent was to take online dating past swipe right or swipe left to a deeper and more authentic level. Fast forward to quarantine, McLeod believes that authentic online connection is more vital than ever.   Listen in to hear Jay Shetty and McLeod talk about navigating the world of online dating, what Justin is doing to stay healthy during this time, and how the app inspired his own love story. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 A Word From Our Sponsors: Get a free trial plus it's only $10 a month when you sign up for a quarterly plan! Receive $100 OFF an AquaTru plus FREE SHIPPING! Just go to and enter code “ONPURPOSE” at checkout. Go to today and be sure to enter my Amazon code PURPOSE1 to get 25% off your first order! Let’s work together.

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