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About This Episode

It’s so easy in the world that we live in where everyone sees quotes on Instagram, motivational sayings everywhere, to think you’re deep...without being deep. So today we’re going to do some unlearning with our wordsmith of a guest - Humble the Poet. We talk about becoming conscious of and taking ownership over your unconscious biases, unlearning old habits and ideas that may no longer serve you, and how to not only survive but thrive.

The Cliff Notes:

  • What he learned about learning while being a 3rd grade teacher
  • Unlearning negative biases
  • Never losing sight of childhood feelings
  • Asking yourself why you feel the way you feel now and what the root of it is
  • We never know how much we carry in our lives until we face it
  • What's your definition of "enough"
  • Identifying and taking ownership of your unconscious biases
  • Self pity is like fast food
  • We can improve our relationship with ourselves by improving our relationships with others
  • What to do next after identifying and taking ownership
  • Being taught early what will make sense eventually
  • Rejecting stuff that sounds nice, focus on the truth
  • Baby steps add up
  • Instead of saying "Can I?" ask "How can I?"
  • Life works in cycles, not straight lines
  • Don't judge the moment, failures only make the story better
  • The smartest thing we can do is admit we don't know
  • Thriving can be a mindset
  • People have different strengths but we don't have to compare
  • Focusing on what you can do every day
  • Getting help when you need it, allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • Things don't need to be perfect

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