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About This Episode

On this episode of On Purpose, I sat down with Mona and Huda Kattan. Sisters Huda and Mona are known for their powerhouse brand: Huda Beauty, and hit reality show on Facebook Watch: Huda Boss.  The Kattan sisters reminded us that not all money is worth having. They consistently turn down multi-million dollar deals if they don’t feel it aligns with their brand. This episode is powerful for any influencer, entrepreneur, or future business leader.     We discussed the art of patience when pursuing large goals, and that every delay is a blessing.  Huda shared how she was embarrassed to show herself without makeup, but did with the hopes it’d give others permission to as well.  A Word From Our Sponsors: Join our Wix website competition by creating a free website at Email submissions to [email protected] Get 20% off a yearly premium plan with code "JAY20" Check out YouVeda at and use code purpose to take 35% off your first order.    For years, we’ve all suffered through the workweek, this ends now. To transform your workspace, go to Get smart lighting the smart way with Caséta by Lutron. Learn more about Caseta at Go to today for 20% off your AncestryDNA kit. Also! For a limited time now through August 26th, go to  today for an exclusive Summer DNA kit offer for only $59!

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