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About This Episode

In this week’s episode of On Purpose, Grown-ish star Francia Raisa opens up about what it was like growing up in Hollywood and how she’s been able to keep a level head by relying on her faith. She also shared her tips on overcoming rejection and staying grounded. You will be truly inspired after listening to this conversation!

The Cliff Notes:

  • Moving out of acting and into producing
  • Trusting your gut intuition
  • Standing up for your beliefs, even against the script
  • Dealing with tramua from a young age and going to therapy
  • Pain and pity can be addictive
  • Being a child of an immigrant work ethic
  • How her acting and workflow has evolved
  • What her priorities are
  • It's okay if it takes time to become friends with people
  • How her feelings towards prayer have changed over the years
  • Being more open and aware about how you're behaving
  • Exploring thoughts on relationships
  • Not rushing into new relationships
  • Things she's passionate about right now
  • Life is not fair, rejection leads to opportunity
  • Dealing with lots of professional rejection
  • Don't force relationships
  • Everyone is going through something and you don't know what that is, be nice
  • The Final 5

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