My videos have garnered over1 billion views on social media.

At heart, I'm a storyteller. So turning a message intoa video that inspires people comes naturally to me.

I'm grateful and humbled that I have an audience that is so engaged and interactive with me. As a result of that, brands have taken notice and partnered up with me to promote and share their products with my digital family. I've worked with well known brands on sponsored shows, web series and posts to guide my followers to products and services that I believe truly help them.


As part of Einstein's biopic released by Nat Geo called "Genius" they launched a competition called "Chasing Genius." Jay created the headline video for the campaign entitled "Before you give up, watch this" which increased submissions to the competition by over 300%. The video has over 2 million views across social media.


Following the success of 2 relationship videos that generated over 100 million views, Jay was selected by Facebook to be part of an exclusive group of creators to develop a special series for their new Watch tab in 2017. His short series "XoXo" on love and relationships was an instant hit in season 1.


Jay's Mindtrip videos for Huffpost became the most viewed series of all time for the company. His video "Changing The World Starts With You" has over 35 million views on the HuffPost page and another 100 million across Facebook.


Fascinated by the future and technology, Jay was tasked with creating a video series with a unique perspective on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and creativity. Jay chose to look at the need for human skills in an ever growing virtual world and the result is phenomenal.

This includes shows for Facebook, Nasdaq and Cheddar plus tailored content for new apps Kwickie and 9 Spokes.  Seeing the success of Jay’s videos across social media, Snapchat reached out for him to join their influencer program for special events such as “International Happiness Day” and “World Peace Day.” Jay’s stories were selected for the sponsored feeds and showed his ability to create even shorter segments with powerful impact on another platform. Snapchat believed Jay’s content is ”outstanding” and a fantastic addition to the story on the day.

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I was honored that Arianna Huffington brought me to New York to host a show on HuffPost Live. I created and hosted HuffPost’s Number 1 Facebook Live show for audience engagement called #FollowTheReader, where I interviewed several of my role models including Tim Ferriss and Deepak Chopra.

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If you like my videos, I have a pretty good feeling you’ll enjoy me live too. My love for speaking and coaching has landed me on stages at Google, L’Oreal, Facebook, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Deloitte, HSBC and Accenture.

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