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About This Episode

Times of crisis affect everyone, no matter their status or expertise. Professor and psychologist Dr. Rumani Duvasula recently sat down with Jay Shetty and shared how her profession has equipped her with skills to not only survive but thrive during times of pain and uncertainty.  Listen in as Dr. Rumani shares the secrets she believes will empower people to be honest with themselves about their situations and do their best to get through this well. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 A Word From Our Sponsors: Go to try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription KiwiCo is redefining play, with hands-on projects that build confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Get YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE on select crates at Take your game to the next level with Beet Elite by going to and get 20% off your first purchase Get 21 days FREE access to the Les Mills app. So don’t wait and go to

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