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About This Episode

Jay Shetty sits down with the most popular psychiatrist in America, Dr. Daniel Amen, who’s also Justin Bieber’s doctor. Dr. Amen has spent his career studying correlations between brain health and mental illness. He is forever discovering new ways in which the brain is shaped by environment, trauma, and health.  Dr. Amen will tackle some common misconceptions about mental health and the brain and learn the 11 things you should avoid for a healthy brain. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 A Word From Our Sponsors: For a limited time, when my listeners go to you will get FREE FIVE PIECE Cleaning Set from Mrs. Meyer’s and Grove - a THIRTY DOLLAR value! Go to try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription. try FREE for 60 days when you use offer code PURPOSE. There’s absolutely no risk, you can start your free trial without even entering your credit card info. Not using Honey is literally passing up free money. It’s FREE to use and installs in just two clicks.  Get Honey for FREE at JoinHoney.comONPURPOSE Start exploring your family story today! Head to my URL at to get your AncestryDNA kit and start your free trial

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