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Jay Shetty’s Genius is your life-long partner to elevated well-being. Access over 150 video workshops and guided meditations, with new workshops recorded live every weekend. Each session explores a piece of the 5 Areas of Well-Being: Personal Development, Relationships, Work and Finance, Spirituality, and Health. Together, we’re inspiring transformational well-being on a global scale.

Jay Shetty Certification School

The One-Stop Certification Program For Mission-Driven Coaches

Jay Shetty Certification School offers a comprehensive, end-to-end curriculum with 120 hours of coursework, assessment, reflection, and practice. This fully-accredited program gives coaches the opportunity to become certified in the coaching methodology developed by Jay Shetty – PLUS the training and resources needed to build a successful, impactful coaching business in a 3-tier approach.

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