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About This Episode

When it comes to relationship questions this is probably the toughest one - can you be friends with your ex? Is it the right decision? Well, it’s complicated. Today’s episode I’m going to share with your some of the studies, insights, and thoughts that are going to help you decide for yourself.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Toxic relationships often mirror toxic friendships
  • Friendships between exes are more likely to have negative qualities than positive ones
  • Staying friendly with an ex can hold you back from new relationships
  • How do you tell your new partner that one of your closest friends are your ex, how would they feel?
  • Breakup distress may act as a catalyst for positive personal growth, avoiding it by holding onto an ex may inhibit this process
  • Sometimes we feel friendship with an ex is the way forward because we feel pressured by our friend group or family
  • Staying friends with your ex isn't a sign of maturity, it's a possible sign of something much darker...
  • What's your genuine intention for wanting to be friends with your ex?
  • The 2 main reasons why some people stay friends with an ex

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