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About This Episode

How do you stay productive at home? Jay Shetty & Bruce Daisley, former Twitter senior executive and founder of the Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat podcast, sit down to talk about how to navigate the work at home experience. Managing the interruptions, communication difficulties, and lack of structure can be difficult.  You'll learn all of Daisley’s best tips on the most productive, effective, and thoughtful ways to work from home during Covid-19. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 A Word From Our Sponsors: Right now, for a limited time Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience: Go to try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription. You don’t have to change it all in one day. Small steps make big progress. Sign up for your trial today at Get these fantastic, affordable razors delivered straight to your door like I did... Go to today and be sure to enter my 8-character Amazon code PURPOSE1 to get 25% off your first order!

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