2020 – it sounds colossal, right? 

A new year. A new decade. A fresh start.

A recent survey by Finder.com showed that out of the more than 160 million people surveyed, almost 65% say they will make a New Year’s Resolutions. The percentage of those who keep them, however, is MUCH lower. (https://www.finder.com/new-years-resolution-statistics)

There has to be a better way.

Jay Shetty knows the secret and he shared it on a recent episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty.   

The Secret to Achieving Goals

People often think t they just need to try harder, make more goals, or commit more fervently. Jay Shetty says without a plan, goals are only talking points.

“This is your year – this is OUR year,” Jay Shetty encouraged listeners. “This is the year you make the shifts, the progress, and intentions that you are ready to make.”

The key, he said, is a new type of goal setting.

“When you make goals in this way,” explained Jay Shetty. “You are going to find them not only easy to reach, but easy to process, easy to focus on and easy to understand what to commit to.”

According to Jay Shetty, sticking to his 4 Tier GOAL Framework takes the guesswork out and guarantees success. This article explains each letter in the acronym “GOAL” in the 4 Tier GOAL Framework and how to use it to help you achieve your goals in 2020.

Focus on Growth, Not Goals

Jay Shetty believes only focusing on goals and not the growth needed to achieve them is the biggest mistake people make.

“If I am just focused on this goal, I am focused on an elusive, arbitrary result,” Shetty said.

Putting intention to action requires a focused look at what growth is required to achieve the goal. He encouraged listeners to ask key questions to determine what kind of growth will be needed:

Strategically focusing on these questions provides the framework needed for improvement and achievement of the goal.

“We must focus on the growth elements that power the goal,” Jay Shetty said.

Prioritize Opportunities

There is no shortage of things that vie for our time or attention. Being clear about our intentions and focus is vital and helps us avoid getting distracted by opportunities that don’t help us meet our goals.

“One of the biggest reasons we don’t achieve our goals is we say yes to too many things that are not our priority and no to too many things that are our priority,” Jay Shetty said.

Shetty explained that one of his priorities is working out every morning. Unless it is a family emergency or press event, he says no to everything else during his workout time.

This decision gives him a hard and fast criteria to stick to when considering if something is important enough to come between him and achieving his goal.

“If your goal is to get up early,” Jay Shetty said, “You may have to say no to late night partying because it doesn’t fit the criteria of meeting your goal.”

Having criteria in place also helps us evaluate when it’s okay to go outside of that.  For example, someone who is focused on saving more and spending less has the criteria that they will only splurge for their anniversary.

When their anniversary rolls around, because they already set that criteria, they are able to have a great time while staying on track. Having those parameters helps keep things in check.

“One of the biggest reasons we don’t achieve our goals and resolutions is we don’t create criteria around our opportunities,” emphasized Jay Shetty. 

Take Action

“We have goals, we have an understanding of opportunities, but we fail to implement a plan,” Jay Shetty told listeners. “We need to be strategic in planning out how we are going to achieve this. Too many of us set these lofty goals but never break them down into the building blocks of how we are actually going to get there.”

Think of goal achievement as a ladder. Each rung is vital for a successful ascent. Breaking a goal down into achievable steps not only makes it less overwhelming; it gives the climber motivation to start now. 
Starting now, Shetty said, is vital.

“If your action plan does not build a step ladder to steps you can begin right now, that is not a complete action plan,” he claims.

Jay Shetty explained that having the goal of going to the gym is great, but it is not actionable.  Breaking it down into steps will bring success.

“Do not just say ‘I will go to the gym three times a week,’” said Jay Shetty. “Break it down into steps like ‘I will go to the gym at this time on these days to do this specific exercise.’”

A full action plan includes:  

Learn, Launch, and Love

Intentional focus changes everything. Looking ahead and knowing what this year is going to be about helps provide direction and purpose. Implementing the three L’s – Learn, Launch, and Love – promotes growth and progress, while still focusing on the task at hand.

Learning – In what area are you committed to grow this year? What are you preparing to launch next year

What are you learning now that will make it more successful?

Commit this year to learning. Read all you can, talk to others, take classes. Focused learning fosters curiosity, exploration, and intrigue. It puts fuel into the momentum you need to launch forward next year.

Launching – What is your “thing” for this year? What are you launching and spending your time on?

Focus on the details, celebrate the victories, and pour time and energy into launching well. This is the area that allows you to learn new skills and make mistakes, both of which foster growth and change.

Loving – What brings you joy this year?

Focus on the things you have learned and launched in the past and how they bring you joy and fulfillment.

How can the success you see from them encourage you in what you are launching and learning now. Fostering the things you love brings consistency and stability.

This is a new year. The pages of chapter 2020 are blank. While that may seem terrifying or overwhelming, intentionally writing the story of our lives for this year brings joy and fulfillment.  Using the 4-Tier GOAL Framework helps give direction and purpose to this year.

Jay Shetty has one wish for everyone as they set out on this new year.

“All I want for you is to have the most meaningful, fulfilling, purposeful 2020, so that you can transform your lives and be of service to others,” Jay Shetty said. “Take this strategic and thoughtful plan and go forward into the new year to make it the best one yet.”

Listen to the entire On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast episode on “The 4-Tier Framework To Successful Goal Setting & Why You’ve Failed In The Past” now in the iTunes store or on Spotify. For more inspirational stories and messages like this, check out Jay’s website at jayshetty.me.

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