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About This Episode

When I lived as a Monk we were recommended to reflect every 2-4 weeks. Usually we wait for new years resolution, but for me my birthday has always been a time for deep reflection. It’s important to reflect on the lessons from the past because they are the only thing you can truly take with you to the future. Life will teach you the same lessons over and over if you fail to listen. So much more than I could’ve ever imagined has happened this year, and I want to share the lessons with you. Get ready! A Word From Our Sponsors: Check out YouVeda at and use code PURPOSE to take 35% off your first order. RIGHT NOW NetSuite is offering you valuable insights with a FREE guide – “Seven Key Strategies to Grow your Profits” at To transform your workspace, go to With desks, chairs, and other tools to get us moving, Fully transforms how we feel at work. Go to to start your free 7 day trial! Sign up for a new PLASTIQ account at and send $50 in fee-free payments!

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