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About This Episode

Often times we think that we cannot have success at work and success in our personal lives. We think that we have to sacrifice sleep in order to get ahead in life. We think we have to stay on our phones at all times to stay connected. But in this episode, one of the most influential people in media explains why that is not the case. Arianna Huffington reminds us all that 8 hours of sleep is just as important for our careers as 8 hours at the office and gives helpful tips to maintain a healthier work life balance.

The Cliff Notes:

  • How can we redefine success for ourselves? What does it mean to Thrive
  • Beliefs around balance while striving to make an impact
  • Setting yourself up for real success
  • Taking the fear out of FOMO
  • People need to be given permission and hear from people who all already successful
  • Being guided by inner wisdom
  • A few things people can do to regain their inner voice
  • Being grateful for painful moments
  • Dealing with Mom guilt
  • Sleep is not optional
  • If only takes 1min to course correct from stress
  • Final 5

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