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About This Episode

You don’t have to be struggling with anxiety, or stress, or pressure to focus on boosting your mental health. So if your mind is telling you right now, “I don’t need to hear this, I feel great.” Then please give this episode a listen. Just like you don’t need a physical challenge to go to the gym, you don’t need a mental challenge to go to the mind gym.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Everyone's looking to find the right person rather than trying to be the right person
  • Introspection is the road to self-discovery
  • Until you repair your own injuries you're not very useful to other people
  • How she decided to give therapy a try and how it's improved her life
  • Give yourself permission to feel pain rather than masking it
  • Using meditation to become aware of and control negative thoughts
  • Realizing your living in a bubble and how to break the bubble
  • Using books to make up for not going to college
  • You don't have to finish a book to learn something
  • Not feeling victim to fake spiritualism and fads
  • How to be more present
  • I AM - Identification, Awareness, Modification
  • The difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Getting away from negativity in the news

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