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About This Episode

In this episode, I give you the tools to create a stronger bond in your relationship. To foster a deeper connection in your relationship. To rebuild spark and excitement in your relationship. Most of us think doing date nights at restaurants or going to the movies is enough to keep a relationship exciting but a lot of the times it’s not. I break down 7 couples activities that are inexpensive and accessible to everyone that are scientifically proven to bring you closer to your partner. Me and my wife do all of these and I can’t wait for you all to try some of these too.

The Cliff Notes:

  • 1 - Listen to music together!
  • 2 - Experiment together
  • 3 - Do something scary together…
  • 4 - Serving together
  • 5 - Traveling together
  • 6 - Work out together
  • 7 - Talk about what you want your relationship to be

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