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About This Episode

“I wish I started earlier” Have you ever told yourself that? Or how about “It’s too late” or “it’s not going to happen for me anymore”. My follow up is: Too late for what? Too late for who? Who made up these rules?  We are all made to feel that we need to have our lives figured out by 21, but to put that false expectation on yourself is absurd. Our current education system is teaching us subjects not problem solving, emotional management or self awareness.  Without experience under our belts, we rush into making bad decisions. Realize there are benefits in starting later, and many people have like Samuel Jackon and Stan Lee! Today you’ll get a brand new perspective and start becoming the person you should’ve been.  A Word From Our Sponsors: Go to try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription. Start your free month today! Sign up at

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