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About This Episode

How many of us are scared of leaving our current jobs even though we know we're not living up to our full potential? Maybe because of the money, security, or prestige? In this episode, I'll give you step by step tips on how you can grow your passion even with a full-time job.

The Cliff Notes:

  • How many of us are scared to leave our jobs because of money, security, or prestige?
  • It's okay to not feel satisfied or like there's more out there for you
  • No one really knows what will happen next
  • Look at your superiors and ask - is that what I want to be doing at that age?
  • You don't have to take the leap before you've built the bridge
  • Step 1 - Start where you are
  • We're not scared of starting, we're scared of being seen starting at the bottom
  • Research the backgrounds and hardships of those who inspire you
  • When you realize everyone has visited the bottom you don't feel as bad
  • Practice a simple answer to explain to others what you're trying to do and don't listen to the noise
  • Realize that phase will only last longer if you don't work harder
  • Step 2 - Schedule time
  • My story of when I started making videos
  • Step 3 - Choose education over entertainment
  • The most healthy, wealthy, and wisest people in the world spend  10-25% of their net income on personal growth
  • Education is a deeper form of entertainment

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