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About This Episode

In today’s episode I share what led me to becoming a monk and most importantly why I did it, so that it might help you become more clear on your decision making. I’d like to share with you the thought process I learned from my mentors that will help guide you through making the biggest decisions of your life. Are you planting seeds or weeds?

The Cliff Notes:

  • I was a good kid but a bad teen
  • We all have found ourselves looking for meaning in the wrong places
  • Becoming fascinated by rags to riches stories
  • How the Rock and David Beckham helped me realize the value of hard work, sacrifice, discipline, persistence
  • Then I was invited to listen to a monk speak
  • I was impressed by people who went from nothing to something but he went from something to nothing - and was happy
  • The next 4 years I spent half my time in suits, the other half meditating, sleeping on the floor in India
  • How we live in a perception of a perception of ourselves
  • 12 year study on meditation and compassion
  • Tip 1 - find a mentor and learn from them, observe and watch
  • In the absence of a physical teacher you can still learn from their words
  • Be careful who your role models are - make it about their values, not their valuables
  • School, society, and culture wired me to believe what I thought success was. I needed to unlearn that, and being a monk helped me do it
  • Tip 2 - make decisions based on more than money or ego
  • My decision making process - seeds vs weeds
  • Struggling with a big decision? Treat it like an experiment, you don’t have to go all in immediately

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