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Can one person read 365 books in one year? In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty discusses how he read a book a day during a one-year period and shares his 4-S strategy to reading that anyone can use to tackle their reading list. Shetty also shared his insights on the mistakes people make when reading and how to avoid them. The key to reading more and enjoying it isn’t willpower or reading cover to cover. Watch now to learn Jay Shetty’s insights on reading more. Text Jay Shetty 310-997-4177 Want to have YOUR best year yet?Join me for my Free Online Workshop: 5 Intentions for a Purpose-Filled Year A Word From Our Sponsors: Go to And for a limited time, if they can’t find you savings on your insurance, you’ll get a $10 Amazon gift card. Go to for your free 14-day trial. Check your rate in minutes and borrow up to $40,000. That’s Go to to get $10 OFF your next FOUR orders and enter JAYSHETTY at checkout.

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