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About This Episode

Breakups are hard there’s no doubt about that, but sometimes break-ups lead to break-throughs. Don’t worry, it’s normal to have feelings of bitterness, blame, or even have a breakdown. You are not alone. We cover a lot in today’s episode so whether you’re looking to strengthen your current relationship or need a little help getting through a past one you’re not going to want to miss this.

The Cliff Notes:

  • 3-B’s of breakups - bitterness, blame, breakdown
  • Sometimes breakups lead to breakthroughs
  • 3-D principle - decisions, disagreements, debates
  • Hiding behind a screen only leads to challenges
  • It’s easy to make excuses not to have difficult conversations
  • How to learn from past mistakes and apply the lessons learned to the present
  • #1 tip to resist the urge to text about what should be face to face matters
  • Understanding the difference between a reaction and a response
  • The 3-R’s of combating the 3-D’s - read, reflect, rehearse
  • #1 skill of relationships - knowing how to fight
  • How my wife and I manage conflict
  • Dr. Gottman’s research on how happy couples last
  • How to fight in a relationship - respectfully
  • Don’t broadcast your relationship on social media, especially early on
  • How seeds are like relationships
  • Don’t seek validation of your relationship through others

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