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About This Episode

No matter how many holidays, dinners or movies you go to, if we don’t work on the core of a relationship, values, trust and communication, very little can be achieved. I want you all to have fulfilling, meaningful purposeful relationships and so I gathered the 10 Best Relationship Rules that are often forgotten as a reminder to myself and others. These are not the ones you’ll find on front covers of magazines but the ones that actually work in a real relationship. A Word From Our Sponsors: Try Hims for a month today for just $5. Go to Go to and use Promo code ONPURPOSE tosave 15% off your Dog DNA Test Kit. Discover your dog more than fur deep. Visit click become a member and use promo code ONPURPOSE for 25% off your first year membership of Quartz Small steps make big progress. Sign up for your trial today at

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